Siarra Stickle ’18 Awarded Kaufelt-Humane Society Scholarship

Siarra Stickle ’18 Awarded Kaufelt-Humane Society Scholarship

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Rutgers Prep, in conjunction with the nation’s largest animal protection organization, The Humane Society of the United States, is pleased to recognize Siarra Stickle '18, as winner of the 2016 Florence Kaufelt Memorial Scholarship. The Florence Kaufelt scholarship is offered annually to middle or upper school students at RPS who have made a meaningful contribution to animal protection over a significant period of time.

The scholarship was endowed by Jonathan D. Kaufelt, a 1969 RPS graduate and member of the school’s Board of Trustees.

“By volunteering at her local animal shelter and in sea turtle conservation, Siarra demonstrates the commitment to animal protection that the award seeks to honor,” said Bernard Unti, senior policy advisor and special assistant to the CEO of The HSUS. “Her wide-ranging activities for pets and wildlife demonstrate the kind of compassion and respect for animals that inspired the creation of this award.”

Ms. Stickle was selected based on an essay she submitted describing her involvement with and ongoing concern for animal protection and how that has been expressed in her daily life and volunteer activities.

In her essay, Stickle explains her work at the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter where she assisted the public with dog and cat adoption. She described working with two shelter dogs named Hansel and Gretel who faced the challenge of getting adopted together. She described efforts to help sea turtle populations at the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica through Rustic Pathways, a high school travel and service program. Her tasks included beach cleanup, sea turtle egg collection and hatchery construction. She notes, “While I was in Costa Rica working with sea turtles, [Hansel and Gretel] got adopted which was awesome because they found a loving family that will take care of them.” She also learned what it feels like “to help someone even though you don't know them” and gained the important realization when releasing baby turtles to the sea that “…even the smallest action can have a big effect.”