School Calendar Dates
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School Calendar Dates

2017 - 2018

Monday, August 14                                 
Fall Sports may begin practice

Monday, August 28                                 
New Faculty Orientation
Faculty Orientation

Tuesday, August 29                                
Freshman Camping Trip Departs
Faculty Orientation

Wednesday, August 30              
Senior Retreat Begins
Faculty Orientation

Thursday, August 31                              
Faculty Orientation

Friday, September 1                                 
New Parent/Student Orientation (PK-12)

Monday, September 4                             
School Closed/Labor Day/No Gym Care

Tuesday, September 5                            
First Day of Classes

Thursday, September 7            
Middle School Curriculum Night

Thursday, September 14                       
Lower School Curriculum Night

Tuesday, September 19              
Upper School Curriculum Night

*Thursday, September 21                              
No Classes/Professional Day/Gym Care
*Please note that this is a revised date from previous versions of the School calendar

Monday, October 9                                   
No Classes/Professional Day/Gym Care

Friday, November 3                                
No Classes/Professional Day/Gym Care

Wednesday, November 22                    
School Closed/Thanksgiving Break begins

Monday, November 27               
Classes Resume

Thursday, December 21             
Last Day of Classes/Winter Break Begins 3 p.m.

Friday, January 5                                   
No Classes/Professional Day/Gym Care

Monday, January 8                                 
Classes Resume

Monday, January 15                               
School Closed/MLK Day/No Gym Care

Monday, February 19                              
School Closed/Presidents' Day/No Gym Care

Monday, March 19 - 30              
No Classes - Spring Break

Monday, March 19 – 23             
Spring Child Care

Monday, April 2                            
Classes Resume

Monday, May 28                           
School Closed/Memorial Day/No Gym Care

Wednesday, June 6                                  
Lower School Closing

Thursday, June 7                         
Middle School Closing

Sunday, June 10