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Lower School

  • LS-academic-web2Welcome to the Rutgers Prep Lower School, where we nurture the social, emotional, and academic growth and development of each child, from Pre-Kindergarten (age 3) through 5th Grade.  Students are encouraged to take risks and to share their ideas, thinking, and problem-solving strategies as they create digital stories using the My Story app, re-enact Revolutionary War Battles, and communicate in English, Spanish, and even American Sign Language.

    Our Signature Programs engage all types of learners; by 3rd and 4th grade our students score more than 30% higher than the national average in Reading, Language Arts, and Math on IOWA Tests.

  • steam new 1All RPS students in grade 1 through 5 are challenged at least weekly to find solutions to problems in our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) classroom. Students learn the benefit of working in a group - performing as a team with rotating assignments as leaders and in specialized roles based on individual skill sets. Guided by a STEAM Education accredited faculty member, our students are  encouraged to try something untested, creative, and bold. Success often comes from unexpected places.
  • Innovation, Design, Engineering, Application & Skills

    Beginning in Kindergarten, students in the RPS Lower School IDEAS class learn to think outside the box, to be creative, confident, independent students while researching specific subjects using various forms of technology. Designed collaboratively with classroom teachers, IDEAS coursework teaches children successful research strategies and techniques within a Computer Science Curriculum, skills which are a launchpad to success in all of their classes. 

    "I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else." Pablo Picasso

  • ls-ethnic-prideEach year, fourth graders conduct a cross-curricular research project centered around their individual ethnic and cultural heritage. Students select a country that is part of their family‚Äôs history and build a family tree, develop country fact sheets, study passports and artifacts, graph temperature and climate data, write both creative and biographical stories related to family ancestry, sing songs, and perform plays and dances set to music from their selected countries.

    These projects culminate on Ethnic Pride Day, a celebration shared with parents and families that includes a delicious luncheon with foods from around the world.
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    "Let the games begin!" Our fifth graders culminate their study of Ancient Greece with a glorious Greek Festival. The students start the day as Gods and Goddesses in a wax museum. Visitors to the museum are encouraged to approach one of the immortals and hear them recite a short biography. After a Mount Olympus sized feast, the students are in the hunt for gold at the Olympic Games, including a pool noodle javelin throw and wheelbarrow chariot races. Who will bring home the gold?

  • During their time in the Lower School, through responsibility at every level, students learn to internalize, apply, and have a solid foundation and understanding of the PREP Values: Perseverance, Respect, Empathy, and Personal Integrity. Fifth Grade students are challenged to be role models for the younger students and deepen their capacity for empathy and understanding of others, a key component of effective guidance. They also participate in a retreat at Stony Acres filled with physical, skilled verbal, and group dynamic challenges allowing students to become closer to one another and begin to cohere as a group.