iPad Program

iPad Program

We believe that digital literacy and competence is essential for our students in negotiating both their future educational needs as well as the world they will encounter beyond school. Upper School students are required to bring iPads to school as part of their daily learning tools. Utilizing iPads to access texts, to navigate educational software, and to create content will better prepare our students for learning at RPS, in college, and in their career pursuits.


At the core of a Rutgers Preparatory School education is the expectation that our graduates will be well prepared for college and the life that lies ahead for them. We believe that the foundation of such preparation is the ability to be a lifelong learner: to embrace and explore ideas both old and new; to consider the value of new ways of understanding the world; to seek better ways of knowing. 

This truth lies at the heart of our teaching. A combination of new and familiar knowledge and ideas lays a strong foundation for learning that moves forward and embraces the one certainty of our world: uncertainty. Among the challenges of successful teaching is the requirement that we show our students how to embrace new ideas and new methods. The use of 1:1 digital technology in classroom instruction is one way to help prepare our students for learning in an unpredictable future.

An important reason to utilize digital devices in daily instruction is to help our students to see both the advantages and the limitations of a digitally-connected world. The world of the Internet gives students volumes of information at their fingertips. Classroom lessons and instruction can help students to make sense of that information, to sort fact from fiction, and to determine why some information has value and meaning whereas other information is simply noise. The ease of Internet communication is well known. Our students need to learn how to create and maintain an appropriate digital identity and communicate successfully in the digital world. Quality classroom instruction can aid that mission.

Goals of RPS 1:1 Digital Technology Adoption:

1.  Enhance already successful student learning.

2.  Provide advanced digital learning and teaching tools to teachers and their students.

3.  Enable our students to evaluate and understand the value of information and ideas in the digital world.

4.  Guide students toward successful and responsible communication in a world that now includes digital communication.

5.  Enhance the strong communities now present in our classrooms by introducing new technologies to complement historically successful teaching methods.