iPad Program FAQ's

iPad Program FAQ's

Q: Will RPS provide an iPad or will I need to purchase my own?

A: Yes, all students in grades nine through twelve will need to purchase their own iPads and are expected to bring them daily to school.

Q. What kind of iPad should we get?

A: For students looking to purchase an iPad for the fall of 2016, the most important thing to consider is that the iPad being purchased will be used for the duration of a student’s tenure at Rutgers Prep.  With that in mind, the School recommends buying the most current version of iPad.  Currently, Apple offers the iPad in 12.9 inch and 9.7 inch iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, and iPad Mini 4 and 2.  All of these models will currently suffice for academic use.  The screen size and amount of hard drive space is left to each individual’s comfort level.

Q. Will the iPad replace my child’s computer?

A: This is up to the individual student.  Although the iPad performs many tasks better than a laptop, some tasks (such as those requiring a keyboard) may be more difficult for some on the device.  While the advent of the iPad Pro has narrowed the difference between a laptop and iPad, it has not erased it completely.  We strongly suggest syncing your iPad to a computer.  Syncing the iPad simply means you connect the iPad to a computer via iTunes and the contents of the iPad is backed up to that computer.  The syncing process usually takes a couple of minutes.  Syncing or not syncing will not affect how the iPad is used.  It just provides a backup for everything that is saved on the iPad in the event that something should happen to it.  All students are also highly encouraged to back up their iPads using the Apple iCloud feature and/or another cloud based storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Q. Are there required apps?

A: The one app that is required by Rutgers Prep is Notability.  This is the note-taking app that is used by both our students and faculty.  Notability can be purchased from the App Store for $5.99.  Each student should consult their teachers because a specific teacher for a specific class may require other apps.  Google Drive, iMovie, Garage Band, Keynote, and Pages are applications that have been found to be very useful and the Department of Technical Services recommends.  In addition, Photon (a Flash enabled web browser) is also recommended for Flash based content. 

Q. Will the iPad be used in every class every day?

A: No.  As with all learning tools (books, calculators, protractors, etc…), teachers will incorporate iPads into classes in an appropriate manner.  Some teachers and/or subjects will utilize them more than others.  Students who have electronic textbooks loaded on their iPads may find more daily use in those classes.  Some students will adapt more readily to the note taking app on the iPad; others will prefer to use paper notebooks and pens.  Our goal is to introduce our students to the powerful learning tools that iPads offer them without creating empty exercises merely for the sake of utilizing the technology.