RPS & The UN
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RPS & The UN

Rutgers Prep has a unique connection with the United Nations (UN). For several years the relationship has grown in various ways as both organizations support each other. During the summer of 2012, Rutgers Prep was approached by UN Academic Impact, a group connecting over 700 higher education institutions around the world to the work and mission of the UN, and asked if the RPS Computer Science students might be able to assist United Nations Employee Professional Development (UNEPD) in the transition of their website materials into a mobile format. The students were able to do this as a part of their Advanced Software Design class at Rutgers Prep. This was the first time a high school created an app for use at the UN. During the following school year the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI) asked if the students could create an original app to connect Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) around the world. Both apps required Skype, and in-person, meetings with the United Nations staff with discussions of content and design. Dr. Kevin Merges, Director of the Innovation Center, and Mr. Pablito Lake, Computer Science Department Head, were asked to speak on a panel at the Committee for Teaching About the United Nations (CTAUN) on educational technologies and iPhone apps.

During the fall of 2013 Rutgers Prep proposed a formalization of its affiliation with the UN through UNDPI. Rutgers Preparatory School became the first secondary school or primary school in the world to achieve this goal. During this time the students and teachers were asked to present the app at the CTAUN conference and UNDPI general meeting. While attending UN-DPI NGO Briefings became a regular activity, Rutgers Prep sought to offer its skills and expertise to others on this global stage. In the spring of 2015, Rutgers Prep coordinated the "Educational Technologies Available for Primary and Secondary Schools" briefing at the UN with several of the NGOs, from around the world, that work with Rutgers Prep. Speakers at the event included Dr. Merges and Mrs. Mythili Lahiri, Associate Director of the Innovation Center. The initiatives in this area have led to a new development. Starting in May of 2015, Rutgers Prep will be a member of the NGO Committee on Education at the UN. Also, Mrs. Lahiri has been asked to join the CTAUN planning committee at the UN. Through these global leadership positions, Rutgers Prep is able to share our advanced experiences and expertise with representatives from around the world. Rutgers Prep is committed to a global advancement of education and the partnership with the United Nations is a positive step in this direction, a step that is first among secondary schools around the world.




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