One of Our Great Fortunes as a Family

One of Our Great Fortunes as a Family

Dr. Loy,

Hello there from the Dominican Republic where the sun is still warm and life relaxed.  Sally and I are well and happy and though maybe more broke than we should be at this point in our life, I can't honestly say I would choose otherwise from this creative freedom and healthy life we live.

One of our great fortunes as a family was to find Rutgers Prep so David and Julie could grow up in an environment that allowedthem peace through the trying years of childhood and adolescence.  In each case they prospered because of the Prep culture and now both stand before what we hope will be fulfilling lives of contribution to society.  Julie is studying in St. Petersburg, Russia and doing well at George Washington; she's just been invited into phi beta kappa and is double majoring in Russian and environmental studies with perhaps an eye towards a special double masters program at U Penn, and Dave is of course every the social butterfly and has great fun in the Shakespeare troupe in which he participates as well as in the Improv comedy group he started up at American.  They both love D.C. and of course beach time here in DR.


Anyway, wanted to say how much the entire staff at Prep meant to our two children and how proud we are of their time there.
Thanks for everything.