A Full-Fledged Community

A Full-Fledged Community

I attended Rutgers Prep from 4th through 12th grade, graduating in 2010. As a sophomore at the University of California at Berkeley, I reflect fondly upon my experiences at Rutgers Prep and truly value what the school offered me.

Whether through the demanding academic standard, the genuine relationships between the teachers and students, or the variety of clubs available to satiate the most diverse of interests, Rutgers Prep prepared me very well for college both educationally and socially.


Academically, the accomplished instructors, thorough coursework, and low student-to-teacher ratio create a number of advantages to attending High School at Rutgers Prep, especially during the college admissions process. I worked closely with Ms. Krause, who patiently listened and guided me through the ups and downs of standardized testing, application deadlines, results, and anything else on my mind.

The support of the college counseling staff is just one example of the strong bonds formed between teachers and students at RPS, and in college these connections translate to demanding more from professors and teaching assistants. Many students are too intimidated to voice their confusion in large lecture halls or office hours, but RPS students have the benefit of confidently approaching their instructors and making the best use of their human resources.

Less practically speaking, Rutgers Prep is a great place because it’s not just an 8 am to 3 pm school, but a full-fledged community. At RPS every student has the opportunity to find people of similar interests and live out those passions without fear of judgment. Not only is the ability to thrive in a safe environment a vital part of a high school experience, but it also makes going to school genuinely fun. Being able to find your niche(s) on a big campus is not a simple task, but the comfort level felt at Rutgers Prep fosters the self-confidence necessary to be secure and eager to take on challenges, both academic and social.

Ameil Kenkare