The Tradition Continues

The Tradition Continues

Dr. Loy,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Julie will be graduating shortly with a 3.96 GPA from George Washington U. in D.C. shortly.  She hasn’t decided what to do next and of course like all of us is searching for the right door to pass through next.  She and two of her college girlfriends left yesterday after a 10 day spring break (of course they had a great time) but during that time I wrote this little essay for Julie I thought you might enjoy reading, it has a kind of commencement theme as you might expect.

Anyway, all is well with us though we’ll be paying off college loans until our dying day I suspect, but no matter, it is worth every penny and has been a pleasure to watch David and Julie both progress from Rutgers Prep to their B.A.’s  I can’t tell you how lucky we feel to have discovered Prep at just the moment in the kids’ lives that we needed that influence; the experience made all the difference to us as a family.

Before I let you go, I’d like to ask you a quick favor.  Julie told me Mrs. Carcich (sorry if the spelling is wrong) is retiring this year and I wanted you to pass my best to her.  I’ll never forget visiting Julie’s first grade class and showing the kids the multiple ways to propagate Spiderplants, and believe it or not I still have a strain of that original plant growing here in the garden outside my condo here in DR.  The tradition continues.  Anyway, she is a marvelous teacher and I wanted you to wish her all the best from our family.  We still talk about her and many of the exceptional faculty you’ve attracted over the years and just wanted you all to know that we appreciate the sacrifice you all make and though your financial reward can never match your contribution, the long term societal value of what you do is without equal.  Please, keep up your fine leadership; Rutgers Prep makes the world a better place.

I’ve troubled you enough, so here is the little essay I wrote for Julie.  I hope you enjoy it.  Hope to see you again soon.