Amazed at Rutgers Prep’s Reach

Amazed at Rutgers Prep’s Reach


I hope the start of the school year is going well.  I just wanted to shoot you guys a quick email to let you know that I'm now a senior (yikes!) interviewer for Undergraduate Admissions Office here at Rice. 

Being at the other side of the admissions process has surely been an eye opener (though I still feel some of that applicant anxiety as I am also applying to law school this fall).  Having conducted my first few interviews, I now really understand and appreciate all the hard work you (and the RPS community) put into helping Rutgers Prep seniors present their best selves to colleges.

Please reassure the senior class that being vocal about what they are interested in, what they have accomplished at Rutgers Prep, and what they like about the school they are applying to is key AND to take advantage of any interview opportunities (they really do matter to some schools)!  Coming from Prep is already a big advantage--one of the admissions officers was well aware of Prep and its students from his time at Swarthmore. He also told me that he loves you guys and says hello.  I'm amazed at Rutgers Prep's reach even here in Texas.

Alex Fernandez
Rutgers Prep 2009
Rice University 2013