2 Doctors... 1 School

2 Doctors... 1 School

Marie Caruso, having just graduated in May, 2013 from Rutgers University, is a first year student at UMDNJ-New Jersey School of Osteopathic Medicine. Marie will graduate Medical School in 2017. Actually it is no longer UMDNJ, ..name change...you all know that.

Mario Caruso, her brother, and also a Rutgers Prep "kid" is in his third year at the same school, UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine. Mario will graduate Medical School in 2015.

When asked how we as parents have both our children in Medical School, my response is "RUTGERS PREP"

Real simple, not just private school, but Rutgers Prep.

Thank you Rutgers Prep for preparing, educating and nurturing our children. Mario and Marie both started there in PK4.

Rutgers Prep took the teamwork concept very seriously. We as parents obviously prioritize education. We did realize though that it is not just a piece of paper we wanted for our children. At Rutgers Prep the teachers all contributed to the students' successes by pushing just hard enough to elicit achievement both personal and academic to the student's potential.

Yes they worked very hard, and that's the way it is supposed to be, yet at Rutgers Prep that hard work was recognized, applauded and used as a foundation for further achievement. 

Rutgers Prep gave Mario and Marie the foundation for furthering their education. What they did with that is their choice, but at least they had that choice.
Dr Edmund M and Rita Caruso