RPS Academic Honors

RPS Academic Honors

 SAT, AP Scholar, Academic Recognition Information

SAT Scores (middle 50%)

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RPS Class of 2016




State of New Jersey for 2016




National Scores for 2016




(National and state data taken from https://research.collegeboard.org/programs/ap/data/participation/ap-2016)

Advanced Placement Program 

21 AP courses were offered to the Rutgers Prep Class of 2016.

In May of 2016, 184 RPS students, or 63% of students in grades 10-12, sat for AP examinations.

RPS students are encouraged to challenge themselves with AP coursework when appropriate; in 2016, 380 AP exams were administered to RPS students on campus.

School policy requires that every student taking an AP level course sits for the exam. In this climate of encouragement and accountability, our students perform extremely well.

AP Scores

Percentage of students showing proficiency with a score of 3 or better

RPS Class of 2016


State of New Jersey, 2016


The World, 2016


2016 National Advanced Placement Recognition 

380 AP exams were taken; 80% scored at college level proficiency (3 or above)

41% of all RPS students sitting for an AP exam qualified as an AP Scholar

22 Students were named AP Scholars (3 or higher on 3 or more APs)

19 Students were named AP Scholars with Honor (3 or higher on 4 or more APs, 3.25 average)

35 Students named AP Scholars with Distinction (3 or higher on 5 or more APs, 3.5 average)

7 Students were named AP National Scholars (4 or higher on 8 or more APs, 4 average)


Academic Recognition and Application Process 

More than 100 colleges and universities send representatives to Rutgers Prep annually to meet personally with our graduating students.

In recent years, Bucknell University, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, and Purdue University have each selected Rutgers Prep to host their central New Jersey regional evening program for prospective students.

81% of seniors applied to at least one college through an early action, early decision, or priority application program.

70% of seniors received at least one offer of admission as a result of filing an early application.

72% of seniors are attending their first or second choice college or university.

Average number of applications filed per student—8.8 

Additional Honors and Awards

1 National Merit Award Semi-Finalist:  Ajay Patel ‘14 

1 National Merit Program Commended Students: Julia Castner ‘14

7 National Merit Program Commended Students: Cody Folta ‘14, Thoran Gundala ‘14, Caroline LaPorte-Burns ‘14, Michael Mangia ‘14, Amil Patel ‘14, Rahul Ramasubramani ‘14, Zachary Schapiro ‘14

1 National Achievement Scholarship Program Outstanding Participant: Angela Gichinga

1 National Hispanic Recognition Program Honorable Mention: Nicholas Montesino

2011 Brad Hagan Academic All American

2011 Adam Schlauch Academic All American

2013 NJ All State High School Mixed Chorus: Ashley Avicolli

2014 NJ All State High School Mixed Chorus: Ty Gardner, Rithvik Kondai, Monica Krishna

2015 NJ All State Women's Choir Chorus: Ashley Avicolli, Gita Ganti

2014 ACDA Eastern Division High School Choir: Ashley Avicolli, Monica Krishna

2015 ACDA National High School Choir: Ashley Avicolli, Monica Krishna

2015 Thomas Smith Academic All American