Giving Welcome

Giving Welcome


Rutgers Preparatory School celebrates a rich history of diversity, community, and excellence in education.  The wonderful opportunities we have to offer our students come from the dedication, both past and present, of our faculty, staff, administration, and those who are willing to volunteer their time and support with the idea that an RPS education is a unique and worthy investment.

Although it is the oldest independent school in New Jersey, when Rutgers Preparatory School separated from Rutgers University in 1957, the university retained all of the assets accumulated over almost 200 years.  Consequently, RPS has a very modest endowment.  Couple this limited endowment with the fact that tuition covers only 88% of the cost of educating each student, and the need for financial support is clear.

Rutgers Preparatory School seeks charitable gifts to maintain the high quality of programs and offer new opportunities for our students and faculty.  As an Independent School, RPS receives no government funds for our campus facilities.  To renovate and improve existing structures or create new buildings we must rely on gifts from parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends!

A Brief History of Giving: 1988-2013

We are proud to report that in the last 25 years our community has invested over $16,000,000 in improved facilities, including:

RPS Dining_Photo1» The Kaufelt Fine Arts Center
» The Silverman Library/Technology Center
» A second gymnasium
» The music building
» A multi-purpose barn
» The Heinlein Classrooms Wing
» Renovations to the Elm Farm Building
» The turf field
» An expanded system of roads and parking
» New athletic facilities - including most recently the tennis courts
» The Pegeen O'Connell Dining Commons
» The Learning Commons - new classrooms, The Holliday Conference Room and the All-Division Learning Center

As RPS approaches the celebration of its 250th anniversary, we continue to seek support to improve and expand opportunities for our students to grow, lead, learn and achieve. Next steps in the Campus Master Plan include new and expanded science laboratories and a theater.

If you have a question regarding making a donation to Rutgers Preparatory School, please contact Susan Gantz at 732-545-5600, ext. 222 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Thank you from RPS students and faculty!